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Date:  Sunday, April 24, 2016

Place:  Buster’s Bar and Grill

President Kelly Heaney called the meeting to order at 1330 hours.

A quorum was declared with 23 members in attendance.

Kelly Heaney led the Pledge of Alliance and Steve Paradise read the invocation.

The following officers were present:

President: Kelly Heaney, Vice-president: Steve Paradise, Secretary/Treasurer: Bryce Thomas, Bay Breeze Editor: Mary Davis.  Craft Directors: Dave Kroll and Dave Villwock, Recording Secretary: Leanne Adams.  Tim Alberts was on annual, therefore, excused.

A motion was made by Donna Hansen and seconded by Nick Ratajczyk to suspend the normal order business for the servers to take our lunch orders.  Motion passed unanimously.

After the servers were done taking lunch orders, a motion was made by Nick Ratajczyk and seconded by Mary Davis to resume the normal order of business.  Motion passed unanimously.

Minutes of the March 2016 NEWAL meeting were read by Steve Paradise.  A motion to approve the March 2016 NEWAL meeting minutes as read was made by Dave Kroll and seconded by Lia Mahabir.  Vote was unanimous.

The Financial Report for March 2016 was read by Bryce Thomas.


Executive Committee:    The executive committee discussed the computer and program needs of the local.  The executive committee recommends spending up to $2000.00 to purchase two lap-top computers.  The executive will recommend getting a gift card for Steve Paradise for his work as the recording secretary and chairing the NEWAL meeting in March.  The next NEWAL monthly meeting dates in May as well as June 2016 will be recommended to the members.  The e-board will recommend to the membership purchasing a room for three nights at the APWU State Convention here in Green Bay.

Labor/Management: The last labor/management meeting was held in February 2016.  The transcripts differed between those recorded by Kelly Heaney and Greg Wilinski as what was discussed in that meeting.  Such as four breaks in 12 hours, mandating employees to attend maintenance school in Oklahoma and staffing the DBCS’s with two employees as a “normal” function.  Mr. Wilinski wants to have another labor/management meeting.  Kelly Heaney wants to see an agenda prior to that meeting and a signed concurrence as to what was discussed at the February 2016 meeting.

Grievance:  48 grievances were written as of April 24, 25 at step 2 and one at Step 3 since the beginning of the year.  Most step one grievances are for attendance and displacement.   Dave Villwock reported a Step 2 discipline grievance was settled and two grievances at Step 2 denied and sent to step 3 in Maintenance.

Scheme:  No report.

Automation:  Kelly Heaney filed a grievance at step one concerning that management is awarding a pizza break in the SDO office for the best numbers on a DBCS above and beyond the projected quota for that particular scheme program.

Safety/Health:  First year PSEs’ are allowed to purchase health insurance as of May 2016.

Legislative:  Steve Paradise gave a report on H.R. 711.  The bill will allow civil service retirees to receive more money from social security if they had worked in the private sector before retiring.  Steve also summed up the election held earlier this month.

OWCP:  Report injuries to supervisors immediately.

Constitution:  Need volunteers for the committee.

New Members:  None.

Lost Members:  Keith Schindel (retired)






A motion was made by Kelly Heaney and seconded by Nick Ratajczyk to spend up to $2000.00 to purchase two lap-top computers and the operating programs for use by the Secretary/Treasurer and the Recording Secretary.  Motion passed unanimously.

A motion was made by Donna Hansen and seconded by Dave Kroll to purchase a $100.00 gift card for Steve Paradise for his work as the presiding chair and Recording Secretary for March 2016 meeting.  Motion passed unanimously.

A motion was made by Nick Ratajczyk and seconded by Lia Mahabir that NEWAL shall purchase a hotel room at the APWU state convention site for up to three nights in case of an emergency situation.  Motion passed unanimously.

A motion was made by Dave Villwock and seconded by Nick Ratajczyk that next NEWAL meeting will be on Sunday May 22, 2016 at 1330 hours at Buster’s Bar and Grill.  Motion passed unanimously.

A motion was made by Dave Villwock and seconded by Nick Ratajczyk that June 2016 NEWAL meeting will be tentatively on Thursday, June 23, 2016 at 1130 hours at Buster’s Bar and Grill.  Motion passed unanimously.


There is a concern that management is working PSE’s seven days a week, sometimes for several weeks.  State law states that 13 days straight is the maximum number of days an employee can work without a day off.  However, state law does not apply to the Postal Service.  The local is making sure that the conversion rate from PSE to career is timely when e-reassign vacancies become available for conversion.

There is a need for someone to work with our members and their concerns in the AO offices.  Amy Zehms will be a certified steward for customer service, tour two and AO offices in the next couple of weeks.

There was a discussion concerning “no lunches” and how many 15 minute breaks are required in a work day and overtime.

Kelly Heaney announced he filed a grievance that only one employee is being staffed on a DBCS on the weekends.  Management states that “normal staffing” is only for the weekdays.


A motion was made by Brenda Ellenson and seconded by Mary Davis to adjourn the meeting.  Motion passed unanimously.  NEWAL meeting adjourned at 1530 hours.

The $10 door prize was won by Sandy Murphy.

Minutes submitted by Recording Secretary Leanne Adams and Vice-president Steve Paradise.