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Date:  Sunday February 25th, 2018

Place:  The Labor Temple

Vice President Steve Paradise called the meeting to order at 1900 hours.

A quorum was declared with 14 members in attendance.

Steve Paradise led the Pledge of Alliance and Dave Villwock led the invocation.

The following officers were present:

Vice President Steve Paradise, Recording Secretary Jenny Starry, Bay Breeze Editor Kelsey Helf, Clerk Craft Director Dave Kroll.  President Kelly Heaney and Secretary/Treasurer Robert Olson were excused.   Motor Vehicle Craft Director Jeremy Linberg and Maintenance Craft Director Lance Bouyear were absent.

Minutes of the January 2018 meeting were read by Recording Secretary Jenny Starry.  A motion was made by Donna Hansen and seconded by Nick Ratajczyk to accept the minutes as read.  Motion passed unanimously.

The financial report for January 2018 was passed out for members to look at.


Executive Committee:  There was no e-board meeting.  We didn’t have a quorum.

Labor/Management:   There was no labor management meeting.


Automation:  The new racks are in for the SCF manual flat area.


Legislative:   Bernie Sanders was in town discussing Trump’s new budget.  They’re trying to take away some federal and postal employees benefits.  The Legislative Breakfast is on Saturday, March 17th at 8:30 am at The Labor Temple.

OWCP:  If you get hurt at work, file a claim.

Constitution:  There is a proposed amendment to the constitution pertaining the election.  This was tabled until it can be reviewed.

New Members:  

Lost Members:  Greg Smudde, retired.

Communications:  We received a thank you letter from the Salvation Army for the $100 donation we sent them.  Steve apologized for not getting the Wisconsin Labor Historical Society scholarship information in the Bay Breeze last fall, however it was posted on the APWU bulletin board in the break room.   There’s a 37th annual Women and Labor Movement Conference on Saturday, April 7th in Milwaukee if anyone is interested.  There’s a APWU Health Plan Convention on October 26th-28th in San Antonio if anyone wants to go be a representative.  You must already be enrolled in the APWU health plan to go.




A motion was made by Lucy Hauser and seconded by Dave Kroll to allocate $500 each for two Tony Van Scholarships to be given away at our summer picnic.  Motion passed unanimously.

A motion was made by Dave Kroll and seconded by Nick Ratajczyk to pay a person or persons level 6 at the red circle rate up to 10 hours to clean and organize the union office.

A motion was made by Lucy Hauser and seconded by Nick Ratajczyk to amend the previous motion to add that the person or persons has to be approved by the e-board.  Motion passed 10-3.

Amended motion passed 10-3.

A motion was made by Dave Kroll and seconded by Lucy Hauser to have the next meeting on Sunday, March 25th at 2pm at The Labor Temple.  Motion passed unanimously.


Having the financial books gone over, 204b’s giving directives when they’re off the clock and training employees on all their jobs were discussed.


A motion was made by Lucy Hauser and seconded by Nick Ratajczyk to adjourn the meeting.  Motion passed unanimously.  NEWAL meeting adjourned.

The $10 door prize was won by Donna Hansen.

Attendees: See attached sign-in sheet.

Minutes submitted by Recording Secretary Jenny Starry.