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Date: January 26, 2016

Place: Busters Bar and Grill

President Kelly Heaney call the meeting to order at 11:30 am.
A quorum was declared with 23 members.
Kelly let the Pledge of Allegiance and Dave Villwock  read the invocation.
The following officers were present:

President Kelly Heaney, Vice President Steve Paradise, Secretary Treasurer Bryce Thomas, Bay Breeze Editor Mary Davis, Craft Director Tim Alberts, and Maintenance Craft Director Dave Villwock.

Minutes of November 2015 meeting were approved as printed in the December 2015 issue of the Bay Breeze. A motion to approve the November 2014 minutes was made by Steve Paradise and seconded by Dave Villwock. Vote was unanimous.

Financial Reports for November and December 2015 were read by Bryce Thomas.

A motion was made by Tim Alberts and seconded by Deb Nehmer to suspend the normal order of business to order lunch. Vote was unanimous.

A motion was made by Steve Paradise and seconded by Pam Abshire to resume the order of business.


Executive Committee:

E-board’s approval of new members:  Jackie Kudick, Jennifer Ewald, Frank Sleik. A decision not to attend the Presidents conference on March 12 through March 14 was discussed with the board.
E-board also recommended not sending anyone to the AFL CIO convention in Lacrosse. E-board  approved Dave Kroll as clerk craft director. E-board approved President Kelly Heany’s appointments of stewards: Main Stewart tour three Leah Mahabir, and tour three alternates Steve Paradise and Christine Bouyear.
Tour two Stewart Bryan Conklin, alternate Mary Oliver. Tour one Steward Dave Kroll. Maintenance Stewart tour one Rich Stevenson.

We talked briefly about window clerks mandated to the floor and number of breaks in a day.

We also talked about budgets for next year’s picnic and christmas party.

And we talked about approval for webinar for Bryce Thomas and tickets for legislative breakfast.

Labor management : no report.

Grievance: So far,  16 step one grievances have been filed. Three step two grievances have been filed.

Automation: Automation clerks are reminded not to run machines by themselves. If they do, we would like to know the number of the machine, how many pieces they fed, how long they ran by themselves, and who told them to run by themselves.

Scheme: no report.

Safety and health: Kelly Heaney reminded members if you have a traumatic injury and you are off work you can fill out an ABA form and get paid a little money for being off work.

Legislative: Our contract is going to arbitration on February 17, 2016.

OWCP: no report.

Constitution: no report.

New members: Jackie Kudick, Jennifer Ewald and Frank Sleik.

Lost members: none.

Unfinished Business: none.

New business:

A motion was made by Randy Seager and seconded by Steve paradise to pay two hours of lost time for Bryce Thomas to attend a webinar seminar on March 2, 2016 from 11 am to 1 pm. Motion passed unanimously.

A motion was made by Tim Alberts and seconded by Steve Paradise to purchase 10 tickets to the legislative breakfast on March 19, 2016 from 8:15 to 11:00 am. Price of tickets is $9.00 each. Motion passed unanimously.

A motion by Kelly Heaney and seconded by Amy Loch to send Jeremy Lindberg Rich Stephenson, and Lia Mahabir, to the state convention on April 28, 2016 and to pay their lost time and per diem to attend the basic steward training class at the Radisson Hotel in Green Bay at the casino. Motion passed unanimously.

A motion by Steve Paradise and seconded by Deb Nehmer that the Newal APWU should spend up to $5000 for the annual union picnic. The picnic is to be held on the first Sunday in August 2016, at the Reforestation Camp in Suamico, Wisconsin. Motion passed unanimously.

A motion by Dave Villwock and seconded by Tim Alberts to spend up to $2500 for the Children’s Christmas party to be held on the first Saturday of December 2016 at the Labor Temple in Green Bay. Motion passed unanimously.

A motion by Kelly Heaney and seconded by Barb Glaser to spend up to $1000 to host the hospitality room on April 28, 2016 at the state convention at the Radisson Hotel in Green Bay by the casino. Motion passed unanimously.
Other business: Kelly talked about a grievance on how many breaks you get in 12 hours. It was a decision from the members on the floor to proceed with the grievance and was also discussed that management might retaliate by taking away our no-lunches.
Discussion about window clerks being mandated on the floor was discussed at the general membership and President Heaney will work on a resolution and discuss at the next union meeting. Other window clerk issues were briefly talked about and will be discussed after the adjournment of the meeting.
Adjournment: A motion to adjourn was made by Brenda Ellenson and seconded by Tim Alberts motion was passed unanimously
Meeting adjourned at 1:15 pm.

The $10 door prize was won by Brenda Ellenson.


Minutes submitted by Kelly Heaney.

Attendees: See attached sign in sheet.