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Date:  Sunday, January 24th, 2021

Place:  Gallagher’s

President Kelly Heaney called the meeting to order at 1300 hours.

A quorum was declared with 14 members in attendance. 

Kelly Heaney led the Pledge of Allegiance and Steve Paradise gave the Invocation. 

The following officers were present:

President Kelly Heaney, Secretary/Treasurer Art Ciesielczyk, Clerk Craft Director Steve Paradise, Maintenance Craft Director Pete Knutson and Bay Breeze editor Kelsey Helf.  Vice President Dave Kroll, Recording Secretary Jenny Starry, and Motor Vehicle Craft Director Jeremy Linberg were excused.  

Minutes of the November 2020 meeting were printed in the Bay Breeze.     

The financial reports for November and December were read by Secretary/Treasurer Art Ciesielczyk.  

Executive Committee:  There was no e-board meeting because there wasn’t a quorum.  

Labor/Management:  Steve Paradise attended the labor management meeting.  Some items discussed were the COVID vaccine, the employee break room counters and shelves being full, rumors of an early buy-out, COVID leave, removing snow piles from the parking lot, expeditors new finance number and postal vehicles in the parking lot.  The minutes are posted on the board.  

Grievance:  Grievances are being filed for people who get COVID.  They are not getting admin leave, only the people they name as contacts are.  Grievances were filed for supervisors and carriers doing clerk work.  Several grievances from Cofrin are at step 2.  If you are called in for discipline, it is up to you, the grievant and the steward to take notes and speak up as to why you think you shouldn’t be disciplined.    

Safety/Health:   They are disciplining people who get hurt.  Be sure you have a witness if you get hurt.  If you go to the Dr., make it clear it’s a work-related accident.    

Legislative:  Steve Paradise gave the legislative report.  He talked about privatization of the Postal Service.  Contact Senator Tammy Baldwin to get a reconciliation bill to repeal the pre-payment of health benefits.  You can do this through the APWU website.  



New Members:       

Lost Members:  Carol Klescewski        

Communications:  We received thank you letters from House of Hope and N.E.W. Community Shelter for our donations. 


A box will be put out for members to put in to choose if you want a shirt and a hat or a hoodie and your size.



Our contract is up this year and since all the conventions are most likely cancelled, all members will receive a survey form the APWU about your wishes for the next contract. 


The next meeting is already scheduled for Sunday, February 21st at 7pm at Gallagher’s. 


A motion was made by Kelsey Helf and seconded by Deb Nehmer to adjourn the meeting.  Motion passed unanimously.  NEWAL meeting adjourned at 1345 hours.  

The $10 door prize was won by Art Ciesielczyk.

The 2 $50 gift cards for turning in your VOE surveys went to Debbie Lemmens and Jenny Starry.

The $100 rolling jackpot winner was Bryce Thomas.  He was not present so it will be $120 next month. 

The winners for bringing in food for Paul’s Pantry are $200 gift card-Kelly Heaney, $50 gift cards (4)-Maribel Sauer, Bethany Paiser, Steve Paradise, and Ben Edinger, $20 gift cards (10)-Kelly Heaney (3), Bethany Paiser, Pam Krause (3), Maribel Sauer, Deb Nehmer, and Ben Edinger.

Attendees: See attached sign-in sheet.

Minutes submitted by Recording Secretary Jenny Starry.