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Minutes of Monthly Meeting Of Northeastern Wisconsin Area Local #2247

 Date: Thursday, June 23, 2016

 Place: Buster’s Bar and Grill

 President Kelly Heaney called the meeting to order at 1130 hours.

A quorum was declared with 24 members in attendance.

Kelly Heaney led the Pledge of Alliance and Steve Paradise read the invocation.

The following officers were present: President: Kelly Heaney, Vice-president: Steve Paradise, Secretary/Treasurer: Bryce Thomas, Bay Breeze Editor: Mary Davis, Craft Directors: Dave Kroll and Dave Villwock, Recording Secretary: Leanne Adams, and MVS Director: Tim Alberts.

Minutes of the May 2016 NEWAL meeting were read by Steve Paradise. A motion to approve the May 2016 NEWAL meeting minutes as read was made by Dave Villwock and seconded by Kelly Heaney.

The financial reports for May 2016 were read by Bryce Thomas.


 Executive Committee: The executive board discussed state AFL-CIO convention and want to have Steve Paradise attend August 29 and August 30. Also talked about getting a Costco membership for President and Financial Secretary/Treasurer to purchase items for the union. Other issues discussed were to formulate language in the constitution to reimburse union dues for chief stewards. Determination for who’s going to the national convention was finalized.

Labor Management: Labor management meetings have been held. Discussion on DBCS staffing, duties of hand stamps, talk of implant newsletter, issues with fire drills and DBCS drills were discussed as well as zero tolerance. Also issues with mail handlers crossing crafts and conversions of PSE’s were discussed. Copy of labor management reports will be posted once corrections are made.

Grievances: 78 grievances have been filed since January 2016. Issues of DBCS staffing displacement and mail handlers crossing crafts have been the latest grievances filed.

Scheme: No report.

Automation: No report.

Safety and Health: Floor mats have been placed in the manual flat area for the 544/545 and the 541/543 areas. Air conditioning are being addressed and worked on. Time is running out for existing PSE’s to join the health care network.

Legislative: Steve Paradise gave reports on bills to restore postal service standards to revert back to the old ways but doesn’t see much backing from the House and the Senate. No word yet whether the APWU will endorse Hillary Clinton for Presidential nomination.

OWCP: Kelly Heaney stated that he is not an expert at OWCP but he does know that usually the first time you file OWCP that the claim has to be appealed. Follow the instructions that OWCP gives you in the letters they send to your house.

Constitution: No Report

New Members: None

Lost members: Tina Peterson ,retired. Gayle Valentine, Passed Away. Heesun Teague, retired member, past away.

Unfinished Business: None 

New Business: A motion was made by Dave Kroll and seconded by Dave Villwock to get Costco membership cards for the President and the Financial/Treasurer under the Newal APWU name. Motion is made for annual continual membership. Motion passed unanimously.

Motion was made by Donna Hansen and seconded by Tim Alberts to send Steve Paradise to Madison to attend the AFL-CIO convention on August 29th – 30th to include mileage, per diem, and lodging. Motion passed unanimously.

 Other business: Help is needed for the set up, running and clean up of union picnic, The union is seeking volunteers for kids games and a $50.00 gift card will be given to the best dessert winner. Help with food prep would be greatly appreciated.

The President told members that no steward is an EEO specialist and that employees who feel that they have an EEO should dial 1-888 EEO – USPS and ask for the packet after filling out the information one can seek counseling through EEO to help them or seek legal counsel.

Since no official next month meeting was discussed, the next union meeting will be Sunday, July 24th, 2016 at the Labor Temple at 7pm.

Adjournment: A motion was made by Dave Kroll and seconded by Nick Ratajczyk. Motion passed unanimously. Newal meeting ended at 12:55.

The door prize was won by Steve Paradise

Minutes submitted by Kelly Heaney