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Date:  Sunday, May 22, 2016

Place:  Buster’s Bar and Grill

President Kelly Heaney called the meeting to order at 1300 hours.

A quorum was declared with 18 members in attendance.

Kelly Heaney led the Pledge of Alliance and Steve Paradise read the invocation.

The following officers were present:

President: Kelly Heaney, Vice-president: Steve Paradise, Secretary/Treasurer: Bryce Thomas, Bay Breeze Editor: Mary Davis.  Craft Directors: Tim Alberts, Dave Kroll and Dave Villwock, Recording Secretary: Leanne Adams.

Minutes of the April 2016 NEWAL meeting were printed in the May 2016 issue of the Bay Breeze.  One correction: In New Business the first agenda item was moved by Bryce Thomas and not Kelly Heaney.  A motion to approve the April 2016 NEWAL meeting minutes as read and corrected was made by Dave Kroll and seconded by Dave Villwock.  Vote was unanimous.

The Financial Report for April 2016 was read by Bryce Thomas.


Executive Committee:    The executive committee discussed the computer and program needs of the local.  Secretary/Treasurer Bryce Thomas reported that he added a “cloud” base technology to the QuickBooks program so all NEWAL’s financial data will be backed-up and stored for quick reference.

Labor/Management: No Report.  The last labor/management meeting was held in February 2016.  The transcripts differed between those recorded by Kelly Heaney and Greg Wilinski as what was discussed in that meeting.  Kelly Heaney wants to see an agenda prior to that meeting and a sign concurrence as to what was discussed at the February 2016 meeting.  There should be a Labor/Management meeting in the next couple of weeks.  One of the items that need to be discussed is that “Hand Stamp” should be a bid job because training is needed as a skilled job.  Another item for discussion is proposed discipline for invalid clock rings.

Grievance:  A Letter of Warning for attendance is being sent to step three.  Quarterly reviews are no longer being given, so therefore, no job discussions for attendance.

Scheme:  No report.

Automation:  There are still incidents where one employee is operating DBCS’s.

Safety/Health:  New mats will be ordered for manual flats area.

Legislative:  Steve Paradise reported the best way for members to get legislative updates is to subscribe to “The Daily Postal” at http://paper.li/apwucoles/1365126417#  Subscription is free.

OWCP:  Report injuries to supervisors immediately.

Constitution:  Need volunteers for the committee.

New Members:  None.

Lost Members:  None.




The following NEWAL members who were delegates and attended the APWU State convention in April 2016, Tim Alberts, Steve Paradise, Bryce Thomas and Dave Villwock gave reports on the convention and thanked the members for sending them.  Lia Mahabir and Rich Stephenson, who were not delegates, attended the training seminar gave their reports on the training and thanked the membership.  Delegates Lucy Hauser and Kelly Heaney have had their reports printed in the Bay Breeze.  Bryce Thomas also gave a report from his attendance at the Secretary/Treasurer school in St. Louis.  Bryce also thanked the membership for sending him to this important training seminar.


A motion was made by Lia Mahabir and seconded by Donna Hansen that June 2016 NEWAL meeting will be on Thursday, June 23, 2016 at 1130 hours at Buster’s Bar and Grill.  Motion passed unanimously

A motion was made by Dave Villwock and seconded by Rich Stephenson that NEWAL shall send Dave Villwock to a national arbitration training seminar for the maintenance craft in Detroit.  NEWAL shall pay the expenses such as lost time, transportation needs, lodging, per diem and registration.  Motion was defeated by a majority vote.

A motion was made by Dave Kroll and seconded by Donna Hansen that NEWAL shall pay $10 per month for a cloud technology data back-up subscription for our financial records.  Motion passed unanimously.

A motion was made by Donna Hansen and seconded by Lia Mahabir that all door prizes given put at this year’s annual union picnic will be made in the U.S.A.  Motion passed unanimously.





A motion was made by Dave Kroll and seconded by Dave Villwock to adjourn the meeting.  Motion passed unanimously.  NEWAL meeting adjourned at 1500 hours.

The $10 door prize was won by Steve Paradise.

Minutes submitted by Recording Secretary Leanne Adams and Vice-president Steve Paradise.