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N.E.W.A.L. Book of Standing Resolutions              

1              $10 door prize at union meetings

2              $60 officer meeting pay:  all non-salaried officers will receive

                $60 for attending the regularly scheduled E-Board meeting or the

                regularly scheduled monthly membership meeting.   See Constitution

                for special provision for Recording Secretary.  (No payment if there

                is not a quorum for the E-Board meeting.) amount increased at Feb 2014

                from $40 to $60

3              Funeral policy (see attachment)

4              Storage room rent at Packerland Storage will be paid yearly.

5              Voice of the Employee survey rebates – NEWAL will give two $50 gift

                cards out twice a year at the union meeting in January and June starting

                “June 2020 for turning in all your VOE surveys.  Approved; Nov. 17, 2019”

6              Rent room at Labor Temple for monthly meetings unless voted to change


7              Pay property/liability Insurance

8              “Pay dues for all officers, stewards & their spouses for APWU Auxiliary.”

9              “N.E.W.A.L. operates on a no-loss, no-gain basis.  No one shall submit”

                a PS Form 3189 Request for Temporary Schedule Change for

                Personal Convenience to change their work schedule so that their Union

                “activities place them in “”lost work hour”” status.  Reimbursement for lost”

                time only covers a member’s regular work hours.

10           No Union funds will be used to purchase anything at Sam’s Club or

                Walmart. (d)

11           The E-Board has the authority to send up to 10 people for Wisconsin

                “training seminars.  Pay registration, per diem, mileage, lost time and “

                if location is more than 50 miles away lodging will be paid. (b)

12           Any person that is sent to a training seminar must either give an oral

                presentation at the next membership meeting or they must write an

                article for the Bay Breeze or post one on the website.

13           Any newly-elected Presidents or Vice Presidents who have not taken the

                course on Fiduciary Responsibilities for Officers must take the class either

                by Webinar (Zoom) or actual classroom training. (c)

14           Proposed changes to the Constitution will be posted on the appropriate

                “bulletin boards & display cabinets in the GMF, all stations and all member”

                Associate Offices within 5 days of the meeting in which they were

                approved for posting.  These changes will remain posted until they are

                voted upon.  The disposition of these changes will then be posted along

                with the proposals for a period of at least 14 days. (7/30/13 meeting)

15           All door prizes purchased for Annual picnic must be made in the USA.

16           “Chief Stewards will be paid $120 per month, in addition to any meeting”

                pay they may receive. (e)

17           Campaign literature will follow APWU guidelines.  Candidates for office

                may submit campaign literature in a sealed envelope with proper postage

                and their own home address attached to the elections’ committee.  For

                the fee of $10 the elections committee will attach mailing labels of all

                “NEWAL members, except for Craft Directors’ office, and will mail them the”

                next day.  For the Craft Directors’ office; mailing labels will be attached for

                only those members who belong to the craft.   9/8/19

18           The outgoing Secretary/Treasurer may help prepare and file the IRS 990

                form.  11/19/20

19           Officers and Chief Stewards be compensated for round trip miles in excess

                of 20 miles at the current GSA rate from their home to the NEWAL meeting

                “site, when the meeting is held outside their normal work hours. 9/23/20.”

20           “The Executive Vice-President, Craft Directors, Editor (in non-publication”

                months) and Chief Stewards shall receive meeting pay all Union meetings

                during the calendar year as long as they have been absent from no more

                than three meetings during the previous calendar year.  10/25/20

21           NEWAL will award three $500 Tony Van scholarships. Maximum age of

                applicants will be 26 years old.  All applicants must write a minimum 200

                word essay about Unions in America society that will be published in the

                Bay Breeze.   Application announcement and guidelines will be published

                in the Spring edition of the Bay Breeze. (f)   11/19/20

22           The Election Committee Chairperson shall be compensated for 25

                “hours at the Level 7, Step O rate.  Furthermore, the additional two”

                Election Committee members will be compensated for 5 hours at the

                “Level 6, Step O rate.  Every attempt will be made to have all three”

                APWU/NEWAL crafts represented on the Committee.  9/23/20.

                           History of amedments to the above resolutions:

a              E-Board meeting on 1/6/10: agreed to give $5 gift card in lieu of $5 check.

                problems with members not cashing checks in a timely fashion.  Checks

                were being lost which required to Sec/Treas to void old checks & write

                new ones.  This will also save time during the Financial audit.

                The $5 gift card for employees during in their VOE surveys was

                “cancelled on the recommendation of Cliff Guffey, APWU national”

                “president, and the Green Bay MPC plant manager who promised an area”

                outside of the main employee entrance for a green space with two picnic

                tables in a marked off area for non-smokers if NEWAL would rescind the

                $5 payout for VOE surveys.  Voted approved at the March 2013 meeting.

b             Membership meeting on 10/23/12:  approved to move authority from

                general membership to E-Board.  Unable to send stewards for training at

                Neenah seminar because classes were full by the time membership

                voted to send people.  This will save time & ensure our stewards get

                proper training.

c              Membership meeting on 4/30/13:  motion to mandate Fiduciary Class

                voted:  approved unanimously.

d             Membership meeting on 1/29/15:  motion to add Staples to the list

                voted:  approved.  Stables removed from the list on 1/19/17.

e             Membership meeting on 3/30/17 motion to pay chief stewards $50 in

                addition to meeting pay if they attend a union meeting each month that a

               “meeting is held, voted: approved.”

     f         “Previously, only two $500 scholarships were awarded with no essays”

                required to receive a scholarship.

                All 22 resolutions were re-introduced as a motion to accept them to

                NEWAL’s Book of Standing Resolutions to be in accordance with NEWAL’s

                “Constitution, recently revised.  Motion passed unanimously.  6/22/2021”