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Date:  Thursday, September 27th, 2018

Place:  Denny’s

President Kelly Heaney called the meeting to order at 1100 hours.

A quorum was declared with 14 members in attendance.

Kelly Heaney led the Pledge of Allegiance and Steve Paradise led the Invocation.

The following officers were present:

President Kelly Heaney, Vice President Steve Paradise, Recording Secretary Jenny Starry, Bay Breeze Editor Kelsey Helf, Motor Vehicle Craft Director Jeremy Linberg and Maintenance Craft Director Lance Bouyear.  Secretary/Treasurer Robert Olson and Clerk Craft Director Dave Kroll were excused.

A motion was made by Jeremy Linberg and seconded by Chris Bouyear to suspend the order of business to order food.  Motion passed unanimously.

A motion was made by Steve Paradise and seconded by Nick Ratajczyk to resume order of business.  Motion passed unanimously.

Minutes of the July 2018 meeting were read by Kelsey Helf.

The minutes will be amended to read Jeremy Linberg was excused.

A motion was made by Nick Ratajczyk and seconded by Chris Bouyear to accept the July 2018 minutes as amended.  Motion passed unanimously.


The financial report for July 2018 was not read as Secretary/Treasurer Robert Olson was not present.


Executive Committee:   No recommendations at this time.

Labor/Management:   The minutes are posted on the board.  Staffing at Cofrin, DBCS staffing PSE conversions and the employee parking lot were discussed.

Grievance:    A $5000 grievance was just settled on overtime bypass.  The payouts are mainly for people on the max list.

Automation:   If you are told to work alone and it’s over 30 minutes, ask to see a steward.

Safety/Health:    The ABA will pay you $14/day if you get injured off the job.  It has to be an on the spot injury.  If you fill out a 1767, make sure you get the blue copy back and its filled out correctly.  The supervisor’s signature and the approving official’s signature have to be different.  There’s an app for the APWU Health Plan that’s very helpful.  Health4Me

Legislative:    Steve Paradise gave the legislative report.  He talked about Postal Service Privatization.  On Columbus Day, Monday, October 8th, there will be a USPS Mail is Not for Sale rally against this in front of Gallagher’s Pizza on Webster Ave from 11-1.  Steve thanked the members for sending him to the AFL-CIO State Convention in Milwaukee. He will put a full report in the Bay Breeze.   Part of our dues go to support this organization.  If anyone wants to know what the State does, there is a booklet in the union hole.


Constitution:  Steve Paradise volunteered to be Constitution Chairman.  Christine Bouyear, Art Ciesielczyk, and Jeremy Linberg volunteered to be on the committee.

New Members:   Chris Opolka, Mike Dorsey, and Samantha Frank

Lost Members: 




A motion was made by Christine Bouyear and seconded by Art Ciesielczyk to endorse Tammy Baldwin for Senate, Tony Evers for Governor, and Beau Liegeois for Congress.  Motion passed unanimously.  Jeremy Linberg and Steve Paradise did not vote on this motion.

A motion was made by Steve Paradise and seconded by Nick Ratajczyk to officially establish the Constitution Committee.  Steve Paradise will be the Chariman and Christine Bouyear, Jeremy Linberg, and Art Ciesielczyk will be on the committee.  Motion passed unanimously.

A motion was made by Christine Bouyear and seconded by Jeremy Linberg to have the next meeting on Sunday, October 21st at 7pm at the Labor Temple.   Motion passed unanimously.


Wear your union shirts on Thursdays.

The new HERO training was discussed.

Cleanliness of the break room was discussed.


A motion was made by Art Ciesielczyk and seconded by Jeremy Linberg to adjourn the meeting.  Motion passed unanimously.  NEWAL meeting adjourned.

The $10 door prize was won by Jeremy Linberg.

Attendees: See attached sign-in sheet.

Minutes submitted by Recording Secretary Jenny Starry.